elizabeth ferber

Current Projects or Works in Progress

The best way to remain fresh and alert when it comes to work is to, well, keep working. With that in mind, I try to have several projects going at once so that if my attention wanes with one, I can train my focus on another. It’s similar to reading three to four books at a time – mea culpa with this as well.

Below are a few projects I’m currently in the midst of and hope to see through to completion sometime before I turn another decade older. Keep watch for notices and announcements regarding these and other ventures that are coming down the pike in the not too distant future.


A Journey into Duke Ellington’s New York

An ArtPlace Series guide from Roaring Forties Press, Berkeley, California, Publication date: Fall 2007


Women’s Work Has Just Begun

This book will explore some of the most unusual and often unsung professional experiences that women, both past and present, have embraced. Including such traditionally verboten areas as:

The pirate ship
The rodeo ring
The top of the world
The jazz stage
The operating room


Don’t Get Comfortable

Part memoir, part study of how we cope and react to change in our lives, and what others (lay and professional) have to share. Highlights include: sharing chemotherapy with a family member, jumping into the Atlantic after your mother’s coffin, and having to start over again after losing everything. What do the Buddhists have to say? How about other major religions and psychological paradigms? How are we going to survive the next hundred years? Stay tuned for more . . .