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From New York Magazine article “Two Thumbs Down”

You’re at the concession stand, you really want that monster box of Goobers, but you know, deep down: no. So you pick up a nice, medium-size popcorn. You feel good because you’ve made a healthy choice: Right? Wrong.

Though most New York City movie theaters claim to be using healthier oils to pop their corn these days, you may want to think twice before ordering that next bucket. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the concession stand, it seems that movie popcorn is as high in fat and calories as ever.


From Parents article “Making Peace with HMOs”

For parents, choosing health insurance is even less fun than doing your taxes. But choose you must: Today, most large companies offer at least two plans and often many more. By 1997, 57 percent of companies with 500 employees or more offered at least two choices. And if you’re like the majority of Americans, your choices will be limited to managed care, that bewildering alphabet-soup world of HMOs, PPOs, and IPAs. Of the 186 million Americans with private health insurance, more than 130 million use some kind of managed care.


From Brooklyn Bridge article “Go Gently into That Good Night”

In our overstressed, heavily caffeinated, need-it-yesterday lives, there are precious few quiet pleasures. Many of us crave a place to call our own, where luxury is at a premium and we can indulge our most decadent fantasies. That place, it turns out, is not very far away.

Your bed: it’s there for you when you’re sick, when you’re tired, when it seems that the whole world is against you. Each year, you will spend close to 3,000 hours between the sheets, so what better place to invest those homemaking dollars?


From The New York Times Book Review article “They All Love Her”

It is an intense, magical journey into the world of metaphysical connection that Ghanaian writer Kojo Laing offers in his quirky yet engaging second novel. In it, a mysterious force joins the two villages of Tukwan, Ghana and Levensale, Scotland. Their inhabitants do not know why they are linked, only that their destinies have brought them together.